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Just The Kitchen

Get The Necessities of Your Kitchen Cleaned

  • 1 hour
  • $35 hr. (Avg. $000)
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

Known as the heart of the home; the kitchen is one of the most important and popular rooms. It can be hard keeping a kitchen clean. Let us help! Kitchen: - Dishes - Sinks - Countertops - Microwave (inside and out) - Outside of cabinets and cupboards - Inside and outside of oven (not behind or under oven) - Outside and top of fridge (inside if requested) - All trash and trash bins - Quick wipe down of any countertop appliances (coffee makers, blenders, particle accelerators) - Dust any lights - Sweep and mop floor This service is priced hourly. Feel free to inform us if you’d like us to only clean for a set amount of time to keep track of how much the service will cost in the end. ***Duration of this service varies depending on factors such as amount of bedroom/bathrooms, condition of unit, and custom time requests. Final price of service involves how long we clean plus a small "delivery" fee depending how far away your home is from our base of operations. We may come up to one 1 hour before or after your scheduled appointment time. We don't clean particle accelerators***

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Springfield, MO, USA

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